The world can be viewed three ways: inwardly, outwardly, or a combination of both. If we choose to look outwardly, then the world exists in our eyeballs and shallow heads. If we look inwardly, we can easily get lost in fantasy and imagination. A combination of both, and we can potentially enter a world of infinite possibilities, anchored down by a level head, an open heart, in a willing body. My work explores all three of these.

 I am aged 67 at this writing. A product of a dysfunctional suburban family, scarred and torn by the vagaries of life, as we all are. My only refuge was drawing and later writing poetry, in order to try to make some sense of this thing called human life. Over the more than forty years doing this, it became a sort of therapy to acknowledge my own brokenness as well as the ability to learn and grow from these experiences. We’re all broken in some way. These works are an intensely personal and sometimes weird foray into the inner, the outer, and a combination of both.