This project reflects my belief that art doesn't have to be just decorative - it can inspire thought and reflection.

I came across the idea of Carl Jung's archetypes by accident. 

I overheard someone talking about them in a coffee shop.

I remember When, in art school many years ago, there was a discussion about them in the hallway between classes. It was a conversation pertaining to the archetypes being represented by the 12 apostles of Jesus. 

The whole idea of Jung's human personality "diagram" fascinated me. I found myself researching each one with the idea of creating a 12 part series devoted to these archetypes. 

I strove to make each drawing unique unto itself - simply because each one IS unique unto itself. 

I wanted to create an artistic contemporary interpretation of them from todays point of view. 

If you want to find out which one YOU are, there are tests online you can take for free.