What is "Success"?

Posted by Gregory Johnson on

"Success" is the ultimate aim for any venture. When we undertake any project, be it large or small, we anticipate success. But, what exactly IS it? When I first decided to become a full time artist, I had to ask myself this question, and I continue to ask it every day.

When I placed this question to myself I had to frame what I want in concrete and realistic terms. So I formulated an ultimate aim, which consisted of three parts: 1: Acceptance and admiration from my peers, (i.e. fellow artists, curators, art collectors, etc.). 2: A general display of my work in the form of on-line exhibits, gallery showings, and shares of my work on internet platforms, all as the result of the first aim. 3: A decent income from sales of prints, accessories, originals, NFTs, and so forth. The word "decent" is up for interpretation, depending on the first two aims.

But of course, you don't just jump there. As most people know, there must be smaller aims toward the ultimate aim. That's where I'm at now. Three of my works were included in an on-line lit mag called Neon Door. Check it out! It's beautifully done and I was honored to be included in their inaugural issue. (neondoorlit.com). Success! My son, Aaron, has put incredible effort into creating this website, (yes, this was all done by him, with no previous experience!). Success! In order to achieve the aim, you need help, so don't be afraid to ask. I continue to build my brand through on-line platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and slowly I'm establishing a following. Success! And let's not forget that through this process I continue to create art that I am extremely proud of. When you create JUST the right piece, now that is SUCCESS!

I don't really know if I will ever achieve my ultimate aim...the art world is fickle and subjective. But I have found that it's the PROCESS, not the outcome that is the real success. And who knows, in the process, I might get there.

So if you've gotten this far, thanks for reading, and I wish you all the success that you crave, in whatever you do.



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