A New Direction

Posted by Aaron Johnson on

My father was talented in art, although he never pursued it. He encouraged me to follow my talent for drawing by bringing home reams of unused office forms so that I could draw on the blank backs. This I did constantly, all and everything that popped into my head.

Over the years I became proficient enough to apply to art school upon graduation. Although I learned a lot, and became pretty good, it became apparent that I couldn't apply what I had learned to any kind of meaningful work. Most art jobs paid doodley, if you could get them, and usually involved incredibly dull B.S. I had majored in illustration, which has its creative opportunities, but I found myself profoundly uninspired.

So I spent my time, when not working in whatever job, raising a family and doodling. These doodles, unlike when I was a kid, were backed by training and experience, and became inspired works. I plunged into personal and esoteric themes as a kind of therapy, I suppose. Somewhere along the line I realized that THIS is what I wanted to do. Not painting, which I felt had been and is done plenty, but with felt tipped markers which I had discovered years ago in art school doing layouts. So for forty odd years I did these "doodles" with no plan at all to show them to ANYONE. Too weird, too personal, too something...

Fast forward to the present day. Sixty seven years old, newly retired, more mature emotionally, with no care anymore about my work being ...too something. It is now the time to share these images with my fellow humans. So far I have gotten some pretty positive feedback, along with NO feedback from those too polite to say WTF. These works are not for everyone. I'm only trying to make contact with like minds. Hello to you, fellow traveler. Please explore with me, if you wish...


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